Healthcare, Education, Housing, and Other Issues

Jennifer Carpentier, who is contesting for house representative, endorsed by the Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) party, has three primary issues that she wants to work on - housing, healthcare, and education.


Jennifer has a close relative with metastatic cancer, and that experience drove her toward having healthcare as one of her priorities. She realized that working from the inside, whether in the healthcare system or in the legislature, is the only and the best way to bring about a positive change in the system.

Jennifer For Minnesota
Jennifer For Minnesota


Jennifer is the mother of eleven-year-old twins and was a substitute teacher in the Howard Lake/Waverly School system. This gave Jennifer the first-hand knowledge and first-hand exposure to the educational disruptions caused by COVID-19, and with that, she feels there’s a need for something to be done about it to improve the educational system.

Affordable Housing

Housing prices are increasing steadily, and this affects everyone at a community level. Families’ prosperity and businesses’ growth are hindered as people are forced to move farther away from businesses and schools.

Jennifer plans to work towards achieving affordable housing as well.