Aspiring to Make
A Difference!

Dedicated to Bringing Sustainable and Effective Change in Education, Healthcare, Housing, and More

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Jennifer For Minnesota

Running to Be Your Next House Representative
in District 17A

Jennifer Carpentier - Jenny - spent her entire life caring for and working for people, and now, she is running for the Minnesota House of Representatives from District 17A with an aim to serve people and make a difference.

She will seek endorsement from the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and aspires to focus her work on issues pertaining to education, housing, healthcare, and many more.

Areas of Work

Jennifer’s experience watching a close relative with metastatic cancer move through the healthcare system drove her to work towards bringing a change in the system from the inside.

As a substitute teacher in the Hutchinson School system and with twin daughters in the Hutchinson School District, she has first-hand knowledge of the disruptions in the education system caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and this made education one of her focus areas.

According to Jenny, affordable housing is also a major problem as it not only affects families but also causes issues for schools, businesses, and communities. “Communities won’t prosper if workers have to drive long distances to work in businesses, and students find it difficult to go to far-away schools, owing to lack of affordable housing in many areas,” says Carpentier.

That is why education, healthcare, and affordable housing are among her primary concerns.

Jennifer For Minnesota

Jennifer’s Life and Activities

Jenny has three grown children, six grandchildren, and two ten-year-old twin daughters, and she has also taken a number of foster children over the years.

She worked in office management for many years, and she currently works as a substitute teacher.

She is also a volunteer with the Hutchinson Meals on Wheels program and was a volunteer gymnastics coach in the Howard Lake/Waverly School District.

Jennifer For Minnesota